LUIS CERAVOLO 4 on tour 2023:

In April 2023 he toured Austria and Switzerland, playing at the “Hard Jazz Club” (Hard-Austria) and in Switzerland at “Palma Bar” (St. Gallen), “Kulturklub Wanderbühne” (Arbon), “Teato Di Capua” (Zurich), “Casa de Vinos Argentinos” (Bern) and “Gambrinus Plus Jazz Club” (St. Gallen).

Festival in Cuba:

The LUIS CERAVOLO 4 has recently been invited to the International Jazz Plaza 2024 Festival in La Habana and Santiago de Cuba, Cuba from 21st to 28th January 2024.

About LUIS CERAVOLO: Astor Piazzolla called upon him to play in his Octeto Electrónico for his 1977 European Tour, culminating at the Olympia Theater in Paris, with its iconic recording Olympia 77.

"Odisea Invisible" shows him playing Piazzolla, Ray Noble, and several Tango, Candombe and Jazz composers, as well as his own compositions.

Swiss Tour April 2023

Luis Ceravolo 4
Kulturclub Wanderbühne April 2023
Kulturclub Wanderbühne April 2023

New Release! LUIS CERAVOLO 4 "Odisea Invisible" (2021)

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Cristian Zárate: Piano
Nicolás Enrich: Bandoneón
Juán Pablo Navarro: Contrabajo
Luis Ceravolo: Batería

Music by Astor Piazzolla and other contemporary Tango, Jazz and Latin American composers.

Luis Ceravolo has played with Astor Piazzolla, Lalo Schiffrin, Jim Hall, Arturo Sandoval, Gustavo Bergalli, Daniel Freiberg, Karlheinz Miklin, Rubén Rada, Luis A. Spinetta, Javier Malosetti among other renown artists.

LUIS CERAVOLO 4 consists of

- Cristian Zárate on piano
- Nicolás Enrich
on bandoneon
- Juan Pablo Navarro
on contrabass
- Luis Ceravolo
on drums

These renowned musicians contribute their creativity to this project, a fusion of tango and folklore from the Río de la Plata, with a jazz imprint.

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(Astor Piazzolla)

(Cristian Zárate / Nicolás Enrich):

(Ray Noble)

(Pintín Castellanos / Celedonio Flores)

(Cristian Zárate)

Astor Piazzolla - Libertango (1977)

Le bandonéoniste argentin revisite ce classique de son répertoire qu'il a composé en 1974, dans l'émission TSR Mosaïque du 18 mai 1977. En tournée européenne, Astor Piazzolla est accompagné par les musiciens Tomás Gubitsch à la guitare, Ricardo Sanz à la guitare basse, Gustavo Beytelmann au piano, Luis Ceravolo à la batterie, Osvaldo Caló à l'orgue électrique, Daniel Piazzolla au synthétiseur et Luis Ferreyra à la flûte.

A 18' Group
(Luis Ceravolo - Guille Arrom - Álvaro Torres - Pato Resico)

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Luis Ceravolo (drums)
Guille Arrom (guitar, vocals)
Álvaro Torres (keyboards/vocals)
Pato Resico (bass/vocals)

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