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Drummer, composer, arranger, producer and drum teacher. At the age of 11, he began playing professionally in his father Hector Ceravolo’s orchestra, and in the following years he took part in several projects fusing Jazz, Candombe and Pop music (SOS, La Banda and Folk sin Límites).

By the end of 1976, he was one of the top drummers in Argentina. At that time, Astor Piazzolla called upon him to play in his Octeto Electrónico for his 1977 European Tour, with its last performance at the Olympia Theater in Paris, of which an iconic recording was made, Olympia 77.

When he returned to Buenos Aires, he joined Luis Alberto Spinetta for the Banda Spinetta project.

He has since played with Lalo Schiffrin, Jim Hall, Ariel Ramírez, Arturo Sandoval, Karlheinz Miklin, Jaime Torres, Rubén Rada, Manolo Juárez, Rubén Juárez, Cristian Zárate, Baby López Fürst, Daniel Freiberg, Andrés Boiarsky, Gustavo Bergalli, Jorge Navarro, and he is still one of the most sought after studio recording musicians.

Odisea Invisible shows him playing Piazzolla, Ray Noble, and several Tango, Candombe and Jazz composers, as well as his own compositions.


· S.O.S. Sonido Original del Sur: Rubén Rada, Gustavo Bergalli, Fino Bingert, Héctor Ceravolo, Bo Gathu y  Luis Ceravolo (Sondor Uruguay 1976 – latin jazz)
· LA BANDA Rubén Rada
, Jorge Navarro, Beni Izaguirre, Bernardo Baraj, Ricardo Sanz y Luis Ceravolo (Music Hall 1979 – fusión rock-latin)
· ASTOR PIAZZOLLA "Live Olympia 77" (Polydor 1977-tango)
· COINCIDENCIA Baby López Furst, Andrés Boiarsky, Adalberto Cevasco y Luis Ceravolo (Microfón 1985 -jazz standards y temas propios)
· FOLK SIN LIMITES 1987 Oscar Cardozo Ocampo (folklore )
· BABY LOPEZ FURST TRIOcon Javier Malosetti y Luis Ceravolo (Fresh Sound Barcelona 1996 -jazz standards)
· ARTURO SANDOVAL "Tango Como Yo Lo Siento" - Ganador del Grammy 2012
· ASTOR PIAZZOLLAen Phillips y Polydor Vol.4 “Olympia 77” (Universal 2014)
· S.O.S. Sonido Original del Sur (Reissue Acqua Records 2019 - Latin Jazz)
· A 18' "1néditos" Alvaro Torres, Guille Arrom, Pato Resico y Luis Ceravolo
· LUIS CERAVOLO 4 "Odisea Invisible" Cristian Zárate, Nicolás Enrich
, Juán Pablo Navarro y Luis Ceravolo (Acqua Records 2021 , Instrumental -tango)

Luis Ceravolo
Whatsapp: +54 11 44035532
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Hector Ceravolo Jazz Quartet

At the age of 11 he joined his father Hector Ceravolo’s Jazz Quartet with his father on piano, his brother Hector on vibes and Luis Gabinovich on bass.

In 1973 he formed SOS (Southern Original Sound) with brother Hector (piano), Gustavo Bergalli (trumpet), Hector “Fino” Bingert (saxophone), Ruben Rada (vocals and percussion) and Bo Gathu (bass).


Although at the beginning the band played Jazz and Pop, they soon evolved to a fusion of Folklore and Candombe, and in this line they produced and recorded “SOS” released by Sondor, Uruguay.
Since then Luis Ceravolo has taken part in several groups where Tango, Candombe and Folklore are interpreted using the open language of Jazz.

In 1977 Astor Piazzolla invited Luis to become a member of his Octet for a European tour through Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and France, including the Olympia in Paris, and the Opera Theater in Milano.

Astor Piazzolla

From 1978 through 1981 he was a member of the Santiago Giacobbe Trio and the TV Channel 13 Orchestra.

In 1979 he joined the band of rock star Luis Alberto Spinetta.

In 1980 he formed “La Banda” (rock fusion), with Ruben Rada, Jorge Navarro (piano), Ricardo Sanz (bass), Bernardo Baraj (saxophone) and Beni Izaguirre (trumpet).

La Banda

Later on he joined the Jorge Navarro Trio and from 1984 to 1995 he was a member of the Ruben “Baby” Lopez Furst Trio with Lopez Furst on piano and Javier Malosetti on bass.

In 1986 he formed “Coincidencia” with Lopez Furst, Andres Boiarsky (sax), and Adalberto Cervasco (bass). They released a record through Microfon, Buenos Aires, and played extensively in Argentina and Paraguay.

During those years he played with the Buenos Aires Philarmonic conducted by Lalo Schiffrin; with bassist Anthony Jackson on his Master Class in Buenos Aires, with fusion band Explosion and with Gino Vanelli on his TV Channel 13 presentation.

Gino Vanelli

Since 1986 he plays with vocal group “Cuatro & 4”.

As studio musician, especially during the 80s and 90s, he recorded for countless labels and artists, and also recorded music for films.

In 1988 he played “Misa por la Paz y la Justicia” with Maestro Ariel Ramirez at Carnegie Hall, invited by the “New York Choral Society” during the JVC Jazz Festival.

From 1990 to 1994 he was a member of “Folk sin Límites” created by Maestro Oscar Cardozo Ocampo. Together with Jaime Torres (charango) and singer Alejandra Martin they toured Japan in 1991.

In 1992 he joined guitarist Jim Hall for two concerts at Teatro La Plaza, with Baby Lopez Furst and Javier Malosetti.

Hall - Lopez Furst - Ceravolo - Malosetti

During 1994-1995 he formed CCM Trio with Héctor Ceravolo and Javier Malosetti. They recorded a CD which has not yet been released.

From 1998 through 2000 he played with pianist/composer Manolo Juarez and with the Alejandro Herrera Trio.

Since 1995 he tours Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and Argentina as musical director for Alejandra Martin, playing such venues as the Moscow Jazz Festival and the Barcelona Mas I Mas Jazz.

He is also a member of the Malcolm Green band, with Alejandra Martin and Ceravolo Bros.

Since 2006 he has played with Tango singer Susana Rinaldi, both with smaller groups and with Symphonic Orchestra, and with bandoneonist/singer/composer Ruben Juarez and pianist/arranger Cristian Zarate.

In 2008 he formed the Luis Ceravolo Sextet, with Manuel Ochoa (piano), Sergio Liszewsky (guitar), Juan Pablo Navarro (bass), Alejandro Santos (flute), Alejandra Martin (vocals) and guest bandoneonist Horacio Romo.

Luis Ceravolo Sextet

With a number of original compositons and his own arrangements for several Jazz, Tango and Folklore standards the Ceravolo Sextet has appeared in theatres and clubs in Buenos Aires presenting “From Miles To Cobián”.

2010 - Two concerts in Shanghai, China, with Tango singer Guillermo Fernandez. He also played with Karlheinz Miklin and "Quinteto Argentina" on a European Tour that included dates with KUG Jazz Orchestra and with the "Big Band der steirischen Eisenstrasse".

Karlheinz Miklin mit KUG Jazz Orchestra

2011 - He appeared at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires, with Cuban trumpet player Arturo Sandoval & Orchestra.

2012: Arturo Sandoval released an album of tangos with greats entitled "How do you feel." To register the material was accompanied by a delegation comprising Nestor Marconi (bandoneon), Luis Ceravolo (drums), Pablo Motta (bass), Sebastian Giunta and Guillermo Romero (piano) arranged by Jorge Calandrelli, Juan A. Pugliano & Daniel Vila . The new board consists of 12 classic tango, with guests from the likes of Raul Lavie, Maria Graña, Guillermo Fernández and Valeria Lynch among others. This album was awarded at the Latin Grammys for Best Tango Album.

During 2012 he has participated in several projects: Machline-Herrera-Ceravolo Trio, Ricardo Lew Quintet, Anacrusa, Opera María de Buenos Aires, and Alejandra Martin Quartet.

2015: On November 14 he played with Luis Ceravolo Quartet at the Jazz Festival of the City of Buenos Aires.

Currently he performs with his "Quartet Luis Ceravolo" composed Alvaro Torres (piano), Guille Arrom (guitar), Andrés Pellican (electric bass); Alejandra Martin; integrates the whole of South American folklore Anacrusa; the Arturo Puertas Trio, Cristian Zárate Sextet and the new group "A 18 minutes" composed Luis Ceravolo, Guille Arrom, Pato Resico & Álvaro Torres.